Thursday, September 23, 2004


Ride on the Peace Train - or Not?

What's the deal with Cat Stevens?

So, the system allegedly kind of works. I think that's the message we're supposed to take from the recent expulsion from the U.S. of the former Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam. I admit, I don't know much about the current life of Mr. Islam, but I'm vaguely aware of spending hours listening to his albums and watching "Harold and Maude" in an 'altered' state during my college years. Funny thing is that it's being reported that Mr. Islam is actually (or maybe was) a strong supporter of Mr. Bush's policy to fight terrorism. Unfortunately, his crime seems to be having chosen a name that strikes me as possibly being quite common in the Muslim world. What's next? Deporting Bob and Carol Smith as they are trying to return from Tuscany?

As an American-born Muslim of Pakistani heritage and a strong supporter of the Bush administration's essential thesis that it is better to go after the terrorists wherever they hide than to let them migrate to our shores and attack us, I am outraged by the actions of our government in detaining and deporting Mr. Islam. I do not and have never condoned the terrorist activities of Hamas in Israel or anywhere else, nor have I ever supported such groups with a penny of my money.

Another bold move by our government, which to date does not have a single successful terrorist prosecution under its belt. Constitution-Smonstitution I say.

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