Thursday, September 23, 2004


The Next War

Iran warns Israel against strike

Lots of news lately about Iran and its nuke program. It's interesting that both Iran and North Korea allegedly have a weapons program that is at an advanced stage, yet we invade Iraq which didn't. Yes, I believe that Iraq was in violation of over a dozen U.N. resolutions, but it really does seem to me that with out military engaged in Iraq, that our options of dealing with true threats like Iran and North Korea are now limited. Despite all his protestations and rosy scenarios, I think one could make a strong argument that the U.S. is less safe in a post Sadaam world.

What's even more intersting is that a larger conflict in the middle east could happen without the U.S. taking any action against Iran. Isreal is unlikely to let Iran go nuclear and any Isreali attack (ala its bombing of an Iraq nuclear reactor in the 1980s) could trigger a wider conflict. Oh Joy!

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