Wednesday, September 22, 2004


No Wonder Marion Barry Smokes Crack

All I Wanted Was A measly Trash Can

I'm just wondering if my experiences with DC government are typical of a large municipality or just another one of those things (like crack smoking mayors) that are unique to my area?

It's now officially been a month since I requested a city issued garbage can.

I've been calling the Mayor's City Services Line and keep getting different answers as to why it hasn't been delivered.

(As a note to the reader, the city will only pick up your trash if it is in a city issued supercan).

Call #1:

On the first call I was told there should already be a supercan at the house. I explained that the house was previously abandoned and rehabilitated and that, as a result, there was no can when I moved in. There was a long awkward pause on the other end of the phone. "I don't think you can get a can then..." I hang up.

Calls Number 2 to 6:

The Supercan will be delivered on Tuesday (Which Tuesday?)

The Supercan takes at least a week for delivery.

The Supercan takes at least 15 business days for delivery.

Although the Supercan usually takes 15 business days for delivery, a problem with the contractor who produces the can is causing delays, your new supercan will be delivered in 15 business days.

If you're looking for the Elephant this weekend, I'll be at the Brentwood Impound lot toking up with newly elected City Councilman Marion Barry.

The Saga Continues...

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