Thursday, September 23, 2004


Another Empty Veto Threat from the President

But yet again, it is not about spending

The White House is threatening to veto yet another spending bill. Elephant was happy to hear this, holding out the slimest hope that Bush had "found religion" on fiscal issues and come back to the tradtional Republican fold. But alas, it wasn't to be. The threatened veto is over the House's plan to ease travel restrictions and family visits to that evil nation....Cuba.

Which begs the question: What makes Cuba so different and more 'evil' than any of the other remaining communist nations like Vietnam, China & Laos? (North Korea is bad news...I get it.). And what makes it soo bad that normal folk like Elephant can't visit, but Congressional Staffers, journalists and other elites can line up for junkets to this lost island nation?

Oh yeah, some 20-odd electoral votes in Florida that could be lost by alienating the Cuba lobby.,2933,133181,00.html

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