Thursday, September 02, 2004


Is Bob Barr the New Barry Goldwater?

Firebrand Conservative Tries to Take GOP Back to Its Principles

Bob Barr is probably best remembered for his role as an impeachment manager during the Senate trial of Bill Clinton. He was a firebrand conservative cut from Dixiecrat fabric. Despite his rhetoric, he's actually a quite and thoughtful politician. As a Congressman, he'd meet with and listen to just about anyone with ties to his district and give them a fair hearing. (At least from Elephant's experience with his office). Although he came across as dogmatic on the floor of the house, he seemed to be quite open to a pursausive and sound argument.

For those reasons, I liked Bob Barr when he was in Congress. But I find myself liking him more and more as a retired Congressman. A man of apparent principle, he opposes FMA because it flies in the face of years of Republican support of states rights and limited government. Now he takes a stand against the ever growing power of federal law enforcement. He's right, these used to be long held republican principles, one's that I strongly agree with.,2933,131209,00.html

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