Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Everything is Fine, Just Fine....

Iraq: Almost Two Years Later, It's Time To Get It Right.

At least 133 U.S. troops have died in Iraq so far this month - only the second time it has topped 100 in any month. The deadliest month was last April when 135 U.S. troops died as the insurgency flared in Sunni-dominated Fallujah, where dozens of U.S. troops died this month.

Well, at least we're going after the insurgents now. I'm hesitant to armchair quarterback the war in Iraq, but it seems from the start we've short changed the number of troops we needed and made some major blunders like disbanding the Iraqi army and not keeping control after our initial "victory." With all the departures in the Bush cabinet there's only one that truly deserves to get the boot and that's Rummy. Why is he still there?


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