Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Why The GOP Needs the Moderates

It's about the Majority

I saw an interesting quote from the moral fringe group "Concerned Women of America" regarding moderate republicans. It read...

"If they can't agree and support the president and the platform, then they ought to go over to the Democrats," said Jan LaRue, chief counsel for the conservative group Concerned Women for America.[...]

Ok, if Jan LaRue (could that last name be more appropriate?) gets her wish, then the GOP will no longer control the Senate. That's right, an even cursory listing of moderate republicans that includes Senators Snowe, Collins, McCain, Chaffee, Specter, Smith and Hagel would be enough to push the left side of the aisle to a majority of 51 to 48.

Those who may be concerned that the policy agenda will veer to the far right should find some level of comfort in this. Even with the new and improved numbers in the Senate, the nuances of democratic government ensure some moderation and compromise even with the GOP holding 55 seats. The unrealistic demand of the far right folk like the Concerned Women, Family Research Council and such will prove to be politically untenable as they are not the type of folks to search for common ground on their issues, and as you can see, the numbers, even with the GOP firmly in control, still lend themselves to a more moderate agenda. But it probably won't stop them from trying anyway!

Another example of what a truly cool and brilliant system of government we have.

You know, that is a pretty cool thought.
Isn't though? Poltical parties are not monolithic organizations and trying to keep all the members in line on every issue is like hearding cats...
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