Monday, December 13, 2004


Iran, Iraq, and the AARP

AARP is a four letter word

Get ready. The fight shaping up for early next year on Social Security will put Bush & Co. up against one of the largest, well funded interest groups in Washington, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). What to expect? A wholesale trashing of the organization. Old people, in other words, are the new French.

AARP is an association dedicated to the interests of those over 50. It have approximately 35.7 million members. They represent the category of the electorate that are the most likely to vote. They have traditionally been focused on social security and other retiree issues. They will be a formidable opponent on social security reform and have already voiced their skepticism. They should be prepared for the fight of their life.

What can we expect in terms of political counter punches to the AARP?

First, expect the proponents of social security reform to divide the membership. It worked for the election, and it will work here.

Second, question the legitimacy of the organization. "Thirty-five million members? they can't all possibly agree?" or "You know, when the AARP opposed the president's Medicare drug plan they lost 45,000 members, that should tell you their out of touch with their membership. (interestingly that last one is true, but 45,000 represents less than 1/10th of 1% of AARP's members).

Third, remind them they're living off our generosity, they are liberal parasites. "Hey it's my taxes going to pay their social security. They should be happy they get anything."

Don't believe this will happen? It already is. Last week O'Reilly was testing the waters with the anti-AARP message. Get ready.,2933,140986,00.html

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