Thursday, December 02, 2004


A Letter to the American Family Association

Rudolph the Red Rosed reindeer is a Homosexual

Dear Mr. Vitagliano,

It was with great interest that I read your recent story in Agape Press about how the hit movie "A Shark's Tail" is really about accepting homosexuality and a plot to recruit new young people to this sinful existence.

This past weekend, as I was preparing my home to celebrate the birth of our Savior, I watched a program far more sinister, but equally pro-tolerance and gay as "A Shark's Tale". I certainly hope that your organization takes action to stop such threatening messages of acceptance and tolerance.

As you know, Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer is a program about a "misfit" son of one of Santa's reindeer. He has a red nose and a clear speech impediment, perhaps a lisp. (And we all know what that means!). Anyway, while young Rudolph attempts to hide his 'difference' it's clear to all the other boy reindeer that the kid is a freak. The only ones who seem to accept Rudolph are his mother (need I say more) and a young doe named Clarice.

When Rudolph's charade as a 'normal' deer is exposed and all the boy deer see his garish and showy red nose, he's exiled from the 'reindeer games' and runs away from home. After a short while he meets up with a similar 'misfit' elf named Herbie. Herbie is a dandy if there ever was one. He wears pastel colored clothes, a jaunty hat and has a 'fancy' hairdo. He seduces Rudolph with a catchy tune about "I'm just a misfit," and they run off together. After a few nights on their own, they meet up with an older gentlemen named Yukon Cornelius. Clearly Mr. Cornelius is what I believe they call a "Sugar Daddy" who no doubt helps to initiate both Rudolf and Herbie into the gay lifestyle. If I weren't moderate in my views I would also say that Mr. Cornelius function is to condone organization such as NAMBLA which promotes man-boy love.

Regardless, the three new 'friends' continue there adventures and end up on the "Island of Misfit Toys" which is no doubt a vague metaphor for Manhattan - Sodom on the Hudson. This place is full of those that are 'different' and is so upsetting that I can't really discuss it in detail at this moment.

Alas, when Rudolph finally decides to return home, no doubt to beg his parents for money to continue his selfish and hedonistic lifestyle, he finds that they have gone out looking for him. Since Rudolph's parents are clearly good, God fearing people, it is only a short time before they fall into the clutches of the Abominable Snowman. A raging monster that is clearly a metaphor for the alleged 'intolerance' of God's message of judgment.

However, Rudolph and his dandified friends soon arrive and they castrate the 'monster' by pulling all his teeth. As you know this happens all the time when those seeking 'acceptance' of their behavioral choices use activist judges to take the "Thanks" out of Thanksgiving and the "Christ" out of Christmas.

I urge you and your organization to take every step possible to expose this hideous piece of pro-gay propaganda and to ensure that it doesn't poison the minds of our children. As you know, God want's us all to be exactly the same and such messages of tolerance and love have no place on the public airwaves.

Yours in Christ,

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