Thursday, December 30, 2004


My TiVo Hates Me

Tech Troubles

For Christmas this year, I got a TiVO. I was seduced into buying this allegedly dreamy digital video recorder by the rave reviews of my friends and the supposed convenience of having a video recorder that can record entire seasons of a show for you, even if the network changes the broadcast times. I still hold out hope for such convenience, but alas I'm knee deep in a technological morass right now.

First, hooking up the TiVo was rather easy. Once this was done, the on screen guide walks one through the rest of the set up process rather nicely. However, after setting up the system I've run into several issues. First, I cannot change the channel to any station that has a 5 or a 6 in it. More oddly, last night after attempting to tune into the history channel (65 on my cable system) my Tivo went off on a channel flipping jag. Then, my Tivo was supp0sed to tape a show for me while I was act work, but the program schedule had changes and the system didn't pick it up, leaving me with an episode on Melrose Place.

It's been a while since I've bought such a techy gadget and most of my recent tech purchases have been to use with my Apple I-book, which is so easy to use and hook up to other products I think I've been spoiled. Alas, the next few days will be spent ironing out the kinks in the Tivo.

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