Monday, January 03, 2005


A List A Mile Long

Back to the Grind

First and foremost, thank you global warming. The weather here in Washington, DC this holiday weekend averaged in the 60s. With Saturday making it to 70 degrees.

But now that the winter holidays are over, Elephant, and everyone else in Washington, are facing to do lists a mile long as we gear up to support/oppose many of the legislative items on deck for the new session. There's a lot that the GOP hopes to get done, but I'm not holding my breath. Immigration reform is scheduled to be up early in the new session, but as we all know it's an issue that splits the majority party. Then Social Security 'reform'. Not holding my breath there either, but with AARP in opposition we should expect that they'll get tarred with the same brush that Kerry did. Seniors/AARP will be part of the axis of evil this year. Watch for it.

Bush faces busy January calendar

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