Monday, January 10, 2005


The Rights Answer to Dan Rather

Armstrong Williams News is Sad, disturbing

Again, what the heck's going on with the GOP? There used to be a time when they would rightfully rant about the pervasive power of the federal government, now it seems, there's no avenue of federal power they'll leave unexplored in their quest to become a 'permanent majority'. Can you imagine the uproar if this happened under Clinton?

Armstrong Williams was paid, with money from the Department of Education, to talk up No Child Left Behind. Not only in ads, but also mentioning it in the context of his program. This is beyond sleazy. Of course any commentator, be it Elephant or Mr. Williams have only one commodity to sell, the credibility of their opinions. Mr. Williams sold himself out and should be made a laughing stock because of it. To his credit Mr. Williams seems to be taking responsiblity for his actions.

Worse still, this undermines the credibility of the Department of Education in selling the virtues of NCLB to areas that may benefit from it most, inner city schools.

Media distributor severs ties with commentator

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