Monday, February 21, 2005


Enemy #1=AARP

Swiftboat Vets to Go After Seniors Group

Well, despite all the press and discussion on Social Security reform, the real legislative battle is still sometime off. Decision makers here in DC are still testing the waters and feeling out their counterparts and constituents on just how far they can go with any proposal. But, as mentioned several times in this forum, a huge hurdle stands in the President's way and that's the AARP.

Today, the NYT is reporting that the Swiftboat Veterans for "Truth" are putting together a $10 million campaign to counter the AARP's opposition to 'private accounts'. If they are successful, perhaps by mid summer we will all be condeming the aged for being commies, shooting unarmed vietnamese children and generally being traitors to our great country.

Look out!
Swift Boat Vet consultants are back, baby! Hired by conservative lobbyist group USA Next to attack those nasty old people at AARP with a $10m ad budget: "They are the boulder in the middle of the highway to personal savings accounts. We will be the dynamite that removes them."

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