Sunday, February 13, 2005


Borrow and Spend or Tax and Spend?

Bush Threatens a Veto

Yes! President Bush is threatened a veto of a spending bill! But wait! He's not going to veto the bill because is spends too much, he's threatening a veto because the bill doesn't spend enough?! Egad!

You see, the cost of the much touted medicare drug benefit (e.i. - drugs for Seniors) keeps expanding. First the White House estimated it would cost $400 billion over ten years. Then, just after it was passed, they upped that amount to $550 billion or so. Now the cost is estimated at over $750 billion for ten years and Bush is holding out to fully fund it. Who cares if he's already planning to borrow $2 trillion to pay for Social Security Reform, another $80 billion for Iraq..both of which aren't counted in the projected record deficit for FY2005. (Does anyone besides me remember Bush going after Kerry for his alleged $2 trillion in new spending?)

What gets me is that the GOP is supposed to be the party that believes in accountable government. I've been saying that 'value' has been dead for some time. Of course now it's just become a great joke, leaving us the voter with a choice of voting for a secular big government party or an evangelical big government party.

Hopefully soon, more and more voters will wake up to this as their attention moves from terrorism to the domestic economy. When they do start looking at what's transpiring, they won't be kind. The opportunity to reverse this so called revolution is here and it's wide open. Paging Dr. Dean? Paging Senator Hagel?

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