Wednesday, February 02, 2005


OMG! I'm listening to SOTU

He's on fire isn't he?

Wow, I turned on the radio and there he is...the Prez delivering his SOTU. He sounds confident. He just finished talking about immigration and he's so right, but of course no one in the GOP really supports his proposals. Now he's talking about Social Security. Promising the protect those fifty five and over, but what about me?

His rhetoric seems to be focused on the semi-truths and points outlined in the GOP memo I posted earlier in the week. Wow, he is really sticking to the talking points on this. Shortfall in 2030 of $200 billion dollars (less than what we've spent on Iraq). Are those jeers in the background? Bush is using strong words, crisis, bankruptcy, collapse. But even if we do nothing by 2042 benefits will only have to be cut 20% to keep the system in balance. (versus the alleged proposals of cutting it by 40%). But again, It's a good thing to be talking about and I'd be just as skeptical if it were a Democrat talking about this. (since it was both the Dems and the Republicans that spent the $1.5 trillion 'surplus'.)

Personal accounts...fine, interesting idea, but the current proposals would limit the amount I could invest and limit my investment options. Again, why not just cut my FICA tax by 2% and let me choose how to invest it. Oh, here it is, limited investment options, requirements that I couldn't liquidate the account...very parternalistic....nanny state type things. So I guess I'm to the right of the president in that I would support exploring true partial privatization.

Now the socail issues. FMA...George is still in the pocket of the evangelicals. Now Abortion...."Culture of Life"....limit stem cell research look for common ground.... I was with him on the policy proposals, but he's loosing me now.

Now we're on to activist judges....every candidate deserves an up or down vote....(Even though he's gotten 95% of his nominations past)...Don't isolate citizens...(Except on FMA I suppose)...Another spending proposal...anti-gang..capitalizing on his outreach to the African American Communtiy that started with FMA....

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