Wednesday, February 02, 2005


This Would Never Happen Here!

Let's Trim Our Hair According to Socialist Lifestyle!

"We cannot help questioning the cultural taste of this comrade, who is incapable of feeling ashamed of his hair style," the station said Monday, showing a man identified as Ko Gwang Hyun, whose unkempt hair covered his ears.

"Can we expect a man with this disheveled mind-set to perform his duty well?" the announcer asked.

North Koreans have never been known for mop tops, but the campaign -- dubbed "Let's Trim Our Hair According to Socialist Lifestyle" -- suggests that popular tastes have changed recently.

Oh wait...maybe it could...

First They Came for the Smokers....
Lose weight or lose your jobBusiness owner who forced workers to quit smoking now wants them to get skinny, too.

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