Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Culture War Wednesday:

What the Culture War is Really About

Are you as tired as me of hearing about the so-called Culture War? The repeated claims that the very fabric of the United States and our ‘moral values’ are about to be ripped asunder by the various incarnations of “God-less, Evil-Them�?

I am. In fact I’ve been thinking a lot about this issue lately as you hear those various news reports about some new ridiculous wrinkle in political correctness or the latest attack or ‘outing’ of a cartoon character. The truth is, that this isn’t a culture war per se, nor is it a war between liberals and conservatives, democrats or republicans, or Coke vs. Pepsi drinkers. To put it simply, it’s just another eruption in the ongoing battle between the forces of enlightenment and ignorance that has plagued humanity since who knows when. I for one don’t intend to let the forces of ignorance prevail.

What got me thinking about this is the article below. It claims that the ‘theory of evolution’ is responsible for over 135 million deaths!

Even as a person of faith I find this article offensive. But alas, these types are increasingly becoming vocal and in some cases militant. This battle has many fronts, from the Zealots of the Middle East to our own homegrown version of the Taliban. But fight them we must, with facts, reason and gentle humor.

So, for the near future, look for our new feature, “Culture War Wednesdays� to provide you with a voice of reason, intellect and perhaps assurance that sane, free thinkers still exist. In the coming weeks we can explore the follow topics together: Evolution, The Family, The Founding Fathers and Religion, the So-Called Family Groups, and more. I think it could be…well, enlightening.

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