Wednesday, February 02, 2005


SOTU Impressions

Big Government Conservativism

I must admit, I continue to be surprised by our President. On his policy reccommendations on immigration, tax reform, energy and social security, I'm generally in agreement with him and hopeful. But when it comes to social issues he alienates me. His faith based iniative, anti-gang program and such are more akin to proposals of LBJ or big government democrats than a small government program. I also suppport his concept of spreading freedom and democracy, but am left scratching my head when it comes to his (and his Democratic predessor's) resistance to giving DC residence representation in Congress.
As he just said, "The only force to combat terror is the force of human freedom....," but not in DC I guess...we still have to deal with Congressional tyranny...

So in short, I'm hopeful that Mr. Bush will further the debate on issues that government should be involved in like social security, taxes, immigration and such, but am dissapointed and motivated to fight his proposals on social issues. But I guess that's what makes politics so much fun. Either way it's going to be a challenging four years.

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