Wednesday, March 23, 2005

EU foreign policy chief Solana says China arms ban 'unfair'

Mr. Solana is so right! I mean, to have to crush democracy protestors with 30 year old soviet issue tanks when it would be so much more efficient, and lucrative (at least to Europe) to crush them with new, european designed tanks...or perhaps having them sucked into the engines of the new A380 Super Jumbo plane by Airbus....

Of course the United States would never sell arms to a repressive regime that kills its own citizens and stiffles democracy....

Saudi Arabia is America’s top customer. Since 1990, the U.S. government, through the Pentagon’s arms export program, has arranged for the delivery of more than $39.6 billion in foreign military sales to Saudi Arabia, and an additional $394 million worth of arms were delivered to the Saudi regime through the State Department’s direct commercial sales program during that same period. (Foreign Military and
Construction Sales and Direct Commercial Sales are recorded and published by the Dept. of Defense in Foreign Military Sales, Foreign Military Construction Sales and
Military Assistance Facts
; the most current online edition includes information through FY 1999.)

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