Monday, March 07, 2005


Message to Boeing Execs: Keep It In Your Pants.

(Another) Boeing CEO Forced Out Over Relationship

Commercial Aircraft are one of the USA's most valuable exports. Of course we're getting out butts kicked by Airbus, but who cares, Boeing stock holders can always count on Uncle Sam to come bail them out with some boondoggle like the space station. But when a company as important as Boeing fires it's second CEO in a 15 month period, for similar reasons (Condit was fired in part over sexual harassment claims) one must really ask what the hell is going on in the Chicago offices?

Can Boeing really fight the good fight against Airbus when its executives can't keep it in their pants? Perhaps it's being around all those giant aluminum cylinders all day, but frankly it's embarrassing. Time for the board to give the reins of the company to a woman if you ask me.,2933,149597,00.html

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