Thursday, March 03, 2005


Sanity Rearing It's Ugly Head

Chairman Grassley Urges Caution on SS Reform, Bush Goes on Tour

Ok, again, I'm not being critical of Mr. Bush's outline for social security reform. I'm not crazy about what I know of his plan, but again, I welcome debate on this issue. It seems however, that the debate likely to come from GOP lawmakers who are increasingly feeling like they've been left out to dry on this whole situation. Can the administration actually work with GOP lawmakers and Democrats to find a consensus approach to SS reform? It's be a first for the Bush team, whose battles to date reflect the 'with us or against us' rhetoric seen in the 'War on Terra".

Interestingly enough, Mr. Bush is going on a 60 city tour of the country to promote his plan. But how effective can such visits be when the only persons allowed in the hall are those who are screened and closely examined for loyalty to our dear leader. At past stops anyone who was a democrat, had written op-eds or letters to the editor critical of the President were barred from entry. You can't boost the miserable poll numbers on your social security plan if you're out preaching to the choir- as they say. But that really seems to be part of the problem, and one that I really haven't heard a clear message will private accounts save the social security program?,0,3463443.story?coll=la-home-headlines

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