Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Apologies to Kansas

Credit Where Credit is Due:

Seems that Kansans are far more tolerant and accommodating than I or the press would like to give them credit for. This makes me happy and is the reason I think that the GOP's current fixation on the FMA and the far right's 'gay baiting' will ultimately fail. I mean if the message doesn't play in the home town of pastor (God Hates Fags) Phelps, then where will it play?

NOTE: Check out the protestor's sign..."Thank God for the Tsunami", you know it being righteous and all for 200,000 plus people to die because some gay people like to vacation in Phuket. (Sad).

But, underlying this all is that even a bunch of folks who live in the heartland and probably don't agree with the ordinance in question here would rather stand against principle than to stand with the Phelps family....God Bless You All!

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