Friday, February 25, 2005


Spreading Freedom!

"Let Freedom Reign!"

Iraq moving toward Islamic law.

Covered in layers of flowing black fabric that extend to the tips of her gloved hands, Jenan al-Ubaedy knows her first priority as one of some 90 women who will sit in the national assembly: implementing Islamic law.

She is quick to tick off what sharia will mean for married women. "[The husband] can beat his wife but not in a forceful way, leaving no mark. If he should leave a mark, he will pay," she says of a system she supports. "He can beat her when she is not obeying him in his rights. We want her to be educated enough that she will not force him to beat her, and if he beats her with no right, we want her to be strong enough to go to the police."

Hmm, perhaps "Concerned Women of America" are advising the new government. Let freedom reign indeed.

(OMG- My postings are all very negative today. I need to get on my flight to NOLA ASAP and gulp down some hurricanes.).

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