Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Making My Workload Lighter

New Round of Speculation About Rehnquist's Farewell

Rehnquist's retirement is hanging over DC like Damocles sword. The potential for an epic confirmation battle for his replacement is likely to poison the well so badly that little if any legislative work will be accomplished during or after the process unfolds.(I'm keeping my fingers crossed!) Of course this is on top of a Senate where some Republican Committee Chairs won't even speak to their Democratic counter parts, so it's hard to see how much worse it could get.

There is the possibility though that the battle for Rehnquist's replacementment won't be so epic. He's a conservative and replacing him with a like minded justice would not change the balance of the court. (Expect to hear that talking point a lot) Of course if that doesn't work, they can always play the gay angle that seems so popular right now.


And for those who need clarification:

Damocles: http://www.bartleby.com/59/2/damoclesswor.html

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