Tuesday, February 22, 2005


AARP Watch

American Spectator Ad: AARP Hates Soldiers, Loves Gay Kisses, So You Should Support Social Security Reform.

Ok, this makes absolutely no sense to me. Check out the American Spectator's web page and on the right hand side there is an add for social security reform. (Actually it's just an anti-AARP ad). The ad has two photos, one of a soldier and one of two men kissing. Below the box it says "AARP's Agenda" then a red "X" appears over the soldier and a green check mark over the men kissing. Gee how persuasive. I'm sold!

As I mentioned yesterday, by the time this debate is over, we'll all be looking at our grandparents and thinking.."Pink-0, Commie-Fag loving, Child Killer!". It's just surprising how quickly, and how predictably this is transpiring.

By the way, the clicking on the ad will take you to the site operated by the Swift Boat Vets.


UPDATE: The Spectator has pulled the above mentioned ad, you'll have to go to the Dailykos (a well written left of center blog) for the details....here:


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