Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Howard Dean and the Dems.

Crazy or So Crazy He's Sane?

I remember about 15 years or so ago (a scary statement in itself) there was this little congressman from Georgia who everyone thought was a little off. He's go on to the house floor every night and talk and talk to get coverage on C-SPAN. He had these grandiose visions of a plan to restore a Republican majority to the Congress. He was clearly bright, but everyone thought that he was a little off, and some within in his own party thought he was a loon. Of course he was the person primarily responsible for the Republican Revolution and his name was Newt Gingrich.

Howard Dean, to me, seems to be cut from the same cloth. Oh the pundits can blabber that this is the death knell of the Democratic Party as we know it, that Dean is way too liberal for America. Maybe they're right, maybe not. But Howard Dean is a man of many talents and his record is generally much more moderate than it is portrayed. More importantly, Mr. Dean has managed to wrestle control of his party away from the out of touch, fat cat insiders here in DC. And that alone (coming from a fat cat insider) is good news. Mr. Dean should not be underestimated in his quest to restore a Dem. majority and maybe that's why the talking heads are making such a fuss.

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