Friday, February 25, 2005


Rip Van Winkle Moment:

Just One Question:

Let's say it's October 2000, the presidential race, Gore v. Bush, is in high gear. Suddenly for no apparent reason, you slip into a coma. Five years later, on February 25, 2005 you awake, no worse for ware, and strangely refreshed. Curious about what's happened in the world you ask the nurse what's been happening.

She tells you this:

Your heart skips a beat, your confused. "What happened?" You ask. "When will we finally get rid of those big government democrats?"

She looks at you with pity. "What do you mean?, The Republicans have never had more power, they control the Presidency, the House and the Senate.

You feel weak. Your eyes roll back and you drift off to sleep. Hopefully 2008 will be better.

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