Thursday, February 24, 2005


So Many Assassinations, So Little Time

Let the Purges Begin!

While Congress and the President may be focused on the four years they have to pass their legislative agenda, Republican political operatives have more important tasks to eating their young.

Yes, four years is not a long time when your talking about setting up the passage of power to Bush's true heir. So, GOP ops are getting busy undermining the slate of moderate republicans like McCain, Hagel, Guilliani, Pataki and the likes to boost the prospects of more conservative candidates like Frist, Santorum and such. (Although I think Santorum will be lucky if he gets re-elected in 2006, seeing that he's a resident of Virginia and all.)....

Anyway, Guilliani, for all his support of President Bush's reelection, got body slammed by the Kerik nomination (some say that the whole nomination went forward knowingly to damage him). Now Pataki is in the stop light in the conservative Rag..National Review...(Headline: Mr. Republican - NY Gov. George Pataki is not a conservative -Note to National Review....neither is George Bush).

Even pragmatic conservatives like Virginia Senator George Allen have come under the gun for being too 'gay friendly' or perhaps even gay. (That charge is getting a little tired. I mean it's so Malaysia circa 1998-Anwar Charged with Sodomy: )

Anyway, the challenge is that none of the social/conservative candidate wannbes have an once of charisma and can't even come close to matching Mr. Bush's down home earnestness. First seems to be the leading pick among those 'in the know' and rumors have it he will become Vice President in 2006 to help boost his chances. (Mr. Cheney will allegedly step down- of course we've heard that before.)

So, in addition to battling the down and out Dems, look for a lot of inner-party warfare and intrigue. Oh yes, and we already know that any moderate republican is somehow

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