Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Even Instapundit Agrees: Alabama is Wacky

Court Decision Upholds Sex Toy Ban
(Virbrating Mobile Phone Sales Surge-wink)

Good Ole Alabama. A State that voted to keep the language of segregation in the states constitution, now a state where sex toys (or more appropriately-the sale of such items) is criminal. Interesting stuff...but then again I think most Alabamians are probably not as wacky as the politicos who are behind this...(lesson learned with Kansas I guess).

But in the battle for the future, as states and cities compete for the best and brightest knowledge workers, it is this kind of backwardness and opressive moralizing that drives professionals to other regions and dooms those left behind to work at that Toyota plant...until, of course the Toyota plant moves to China.

Toying with your freedom

Alabama Vote Opens Old Racial Wounds
School Segregation Remains a State Law as Amendment Is Defeated

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