Friday, March 25, 2005


Road Map to the New Moral Clarity

It's Becoming Much Clearer, Isn't It?

America, it is said, loves a leader with a strong sense of right and wrong. Someone who doesn't get caught up in the messy shades of gray that often cloud our moral compass, but rather who can discern the black (bad) from the white (good). The current crop of Republican leaders (DeLay, Frist, Hasstert, Santorum and Bush) are just those type of leaders and thank THANK GOD ALMIGHTY for their moral clarity, 'cause you know, I otherwise might not be able to figure it out on my own.

But over the course of the last year or so, the efforts of the many moral obligations of the GOP leadership are bearing fruit. As a result, those of us who need their vision of moral clarity are slowly able to piece together the very clear and very simple moral rules to obey during this new Great Awakening. Let's see if I can map them out for you.

Marriage is Sacred

First, as we all know now, Marriage (between one man and one women) is a sacred institution that needs to be protected. So much so that traditional notions of states rights and federalism should fall by the wayside and allow for the passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment because of the 'threat' posed to this institution by a handful of states that have adopted the heresy that 'equal protection under the law' might actually apply to gay men and women. But discarding notions of federalism is ok, because the people in these states really didn't want gay marriage or domestic partnerships, they were brainwashed by a liberal media and forced to accept it by 'activist' judges.

Rule #1:
Traditional Marriage and the legal protections that accompany it, require federal government intervention at the expense of 200 years of state regulation of such matters.

Marriage vs. Culture of Life:

Traditional marriage and its associated legal benefits are vital to our nation and should not be diluted or expanded less we rend the very fabric of our society. However, this rule is not absolute, but rather is subordinate to the over arching concept of the "The Culture of Life." In other words, the 'vital' legal rights (the ones we can't grant to unmarried persons or gay folks) like the right to make medical decisions for one's spouse are only 'vital' as long as the spouse making those decision adheres to the orthodoxy of 'life'. When a spouse decides, or communicates that his brain dead(ish) wife's wishes were to die with dignity, rather than be kept alive by artificial means, these 'vital' legal rights and the concept of marriage become subordinate to the need to sustain 'innocent' life at all costs. At this point the Husbands rights as guardian must be terminated and granted to other relatives or the state must seize both physical possession of the wife to save her from the husband. Which leads us to...

Rule #2: The institution of Marriage should be protected and never changed or diluted, unless the legal rights of the husband come into conflict with the rules of the Culture of Life. If a conflict exists between marriage rights and life issues, the state should intervene and terminate the legal rights of the spouse.

Life is Sacred (...Mostly)

If you've made it this far, then you are truly blessed with the ability to see moral issues with a stunning clarity. But our journey is just beginning. Issues of 'life' as you now know, trump the sacredness of marriage. All life is sacred, but as it turns out some lives is more sacred than others. The rights to life are absolute and without question, but inherent in this absoluteness is also an unquestionable hierarchy of sacredness. This hierarchy is arranged as follows from most sacred, to least. Unborn babies, children, known individual adults...less important are...Illegal immigrants, criminals, suspected terrorists and indistinguishable victims of natural disasters who may or may not be Christians.

First, as in the sad case we've witnessed this week. A known individual who is brain dead and has been removed from life support requires the mobilization of the entire federal apparatus, 535 legislators, the President and the federal courts. At the same time the roughly 300,000 victims of an earthquake and tidal wave don't even warrant a public comment since they probably deserved it anyway for 1) Not being Christians and 2) Allowing gay men and women to holiday in their countries. In fact, the initial aid offered to such countries amounted to less than it cost to convene a special session of Congress to pass 'Terri's Law." Also important to understand that the culture of life does not extend to those the government tells us may be involved in terrorism. In such cases these individuals, and never mind if there is any evidence against them, the governments word is good enough, then it's ok to fly them to Syria and torture them to protect life (see: Unborn babies, children, Christians). And of course let's not forget criminals, especially murders, even if they may be mentally disturbed or teenagers or both...they are also outside the culture of life. Which leads us to...

Rule #3:Life is absolute and sacred. It should be protected at all costs. This is especially true when the life in question is Christian, a child or a white person in general. If any confusion arises as to the definition of a life worthy of protection, then decisions should be left to the President and his political party.

See, it's so clear and easy. Just keep listening to our "Dear Leader" and suppress any urges to question the seeming paradoxical notions that have been emerging of late. Such questioning is a sign of a weak mind, on that is not in tune with the universal morals of the new age. If you were able to master and understand the rules above, then you're ready for our next lesson..."Lying is a Sin...unless!" Stay tuned.

God Bless You and May HE continue to bless the United States.

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