Thursday, April 14, 2005


Slouching Toward Facism

The Nuclear Option: They're Actually Going to Attempt It!

Gillespie to Help Sell ‘Nuke’ Plan

This should quell any rumors that the GOP threats to undo the 200 plus year tradition of the filibuster in the Senate is mere rhetoric. The RNC has hired former GOP Chair Ed Gillespie to oversee the communications effort in the lead up to the battle to eliminate judicial filabusters. I path that is ill advised and could trigger a constitutional crisis (does it require 51 votes to succeed, or as the Senate parlimentarian has indicated, 67 votes). Of course if it is the latter, the issue may go to the courts, which will only give the GOP more leverage in their quest to eliminate the judiciary.

Remember, President Bush has gotten confirmation of 95% of his nominees. Where's the crisis that would require the Senate to abandon the filabuster rule that helps foster consensus in the Senate (vs. the 'mob rule' of the House?)?...I don't know. The leadership of the GOP seems bent on continuing to undermine the insitutions that help make this country great and limit federal power. I'm not just ashamed, I'm livid.

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