Monday, May 09, 2005


Deal on Judges Called ‘Close’!

Roll Call Reports Bipartisan Deal in the Works, Leadership Cut Out of Talks!

I can't tell you what good news this would be if it proves to be true. The radical right (James Dobson, et. al.) are pushing Frist hard to undermine the Senate by eliminating the filibuster of judicial nominees. But low and behold, a group of Republican's, led by ousted former majority leader Trent Lott, are reportededly brokering a writing no less, that would (for now) avert a constitutional crisis. So, there are at least a dozen or so Senators who can see this for what it is...a dangerous power grab by the so called religious right. Good for them.

I don't have an account with "Role Call" and therefore cannnot read this story.

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