Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Me Thinks...

They Doth Protest Too Much...

Will someone please tell Scott McClellan and other jabber-jaws in the GOP to tone it down a little bit on the Newsweek story. In my reading yesterday it appears that Newsweek is not the only paper that has reported this story. In fact there have been wide spread reports that our 'interrogators' have repeatedly relied on playing the Muslim card during 'intense' (Not torture!-wink) interrogations sessions. But the more they focus on the point which is basically "Newsweek lied, people died" the more it reminds me that we were wrong about WMD and that 1,500 plus U.S. Soldiers have died as a result. I wish my colleagues in the GOP showed as much concern to for these men and women (plus the 10,000 injured) as they are showing for the 17 or so Pakistanis and Afganis who died in the Newsweek melee.

But alas, in this world of moral clarity...up is down, down is up and bad is really double plus good.

Once upon a time, I thought I was a fairly cynical person when it came to politics. These days, that former skepticism feels almost amateur. Then again, where do you draw the line between the wisdom of believing a highly deceptive government has no qualms about using Orwellian manipulations, and overblown paranoia?

Take for example, the hypothesis floating about that this unnamed government source used for the Newsweek article was actually a shill for the government, knowingly or not. That as a trusted source, he or she was in a position to feed Newsweek something the White House could immediately attack (and did, with great fervor and speed).

I don't really know if it goes too far to suggest that Newsweek was set up. The obvious question is why? Or perhaps more to the point...what motivation could possibly encourage the WH to remind people that in other cases (like theirs), faulty reports have led to fatalities?

Then I remember that the under-reported Downing Street Memo has recently been gaining more prominence.
How about Jeff Gannon? I agree with you that things are starting to get creepy...Germany 1939 creepy...

The newsweek issue is even more confusing if you note that this story has been reported time and time again by other sources.

Washington's tenous grip on reality has been severed and we our 'dear leader' is taking us I'm afraid to speculate.
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