Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Above the Fold Tuesday

Nothing to See Here!

All Quiet This Week in DC
Alls quiet for Elephant this week on Capitol Hill and the Republican majority continues to flail about in its fifth attempt to pass an energy bill. Nothing I'm tracking is up for debate so I can kick back and work on other projects. But don't worry, Frist, Bush, Delay will probably soon be cooking up some really delicious proposals to satisfy the social conservatives. After all, absent an agenda and mired in an ill concieved war (Iraq), it's always best to wave the 'family' flag and blame everything on the gays.

So, let's look to the rest of America (where people have real jobs) to see what's going on.

Conservative's popularity may be problem for GOP

Detroit, MI:
Fireworks fun could cost city later
Delaying layoffs may worsen them

Louisville, KY
Will Action Sports Jump the Shark?

Midland, TX
Police seek Grandson for questioning in Abilene woman's murder

Walla, Walla, WA
An EXTRA long rideDreamed up by Walla Walla College students, this bike stretches expectations.

Honolulu, HI
Building a nation, one name at a time

San Juan, PR
El diablo es estudiante

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