Monday, June 13, 2005


What's the matter with Texas...

Where to begin?!
I have nothing against Texas per se, and think many of the Texans I've met in my travels are nice folk. But the news out of the Lone Star State is somewhat disturbing lately.

Seems like the stories below are another example of when the "Culture of Life" and issues of Justice meet. I think in both cases they are wrong. The pregnant teens? Probably the victims of abstinence only education...punishment of the guy seems rather harsh, especially since the girl gets off scot free. The cancer teen story is horrifying. Remember just a week ago, Governor Perry signed a 'marriage protection' bill in a church (and told gay veterans to leave the state). Apparently thought, protecting the sanctity of the family has certain limits. No word on if Senator Frist made a diagnosis via video tape.

Man Gets Life Under Fetal Protection Law
A 19-year-old accused of causing his teenage girlfriend to miscarry two fetuses by stepping on her stomach was convicted Monday of two counts of murder. Erica Basoria, 17, acknowledged asking Flores to help end her pregnancy; she could not be prosecuted because of her legal right to abortion.

State seizes cancer-stricken girl
Texas (AP) -- Child welfare officials seized a 12-year-old cancer patient from her parents, saying they were blocking radiation treatment that doctors say she needs.

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