Thursday, June 09, 2005


Walking to Atlanta

A Piece of Cake

Okay, so I was frivolous enough to buy a ticket to fly to Atlanta and back yesterday, solely for the purpose of gaining silver elite status on Delta through February. Silly, probably, but as I mentioned, I fly lot as part of my job, yet I don't fly enough (like a true road warrior) to rack up the points to get elite I thought it was worth the investment.

Anyway, my experience yesterday with the Northeast Corridor transit system was one of shear joy...totally unbelievable. No waits, all connections made...easy, convenient and dare I say, relaxing.

I started out leaving my house at about 6:30 am and walking the five blocks to the metro station. Then, I traveled three stops to Union Station in DC where I pretty much walked right onto the regional Amtrak train to Philly. I got off the train at Philly's 30th street station and had less than a five minute wait for the R1 train to the airport. Got on my plane to Atlanta, which arrived in Atlanta early...walked from terminal D to terminal B and got a return flight home... Same easiness with the trains getting back to DC. It was stunning, unusual and made the day highly enjoyable. Sometimes mass transit works.

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