Monday, June 06, 2005


Even Novak Agrees

An Imperial Conservative Dumps on Bush...

Ok, you may not be shocked with Elephant complains about the rudderlessness of the GOP majority. But maybe you'll listen with Conservative Blowhard Robert Novak reiterates some of the things I've been saying for over a year.

Mr. Novak even addresses and issue I've experienced directly in working with the White House Leg. Affiars office. He states:

The president, in truth, cannot take credit for all of his legislative accomplishments this year. He benefits from a well-oiled Republican organization in the House. But the major bills passed this year -- reforms governing class-action lawsuits and bankruptcy -- were lobbied to passage by "K Street" (the business lobbyists). They, not Bush, were responsible for 73 House Democrats crossing over on a vote to make bankruptcies more difficult.

My experience was similar. Working with a coalition of employer groups, we're supporting legislation that would help curb the rapid increase in health care costs. President Bush has mentioned the legislation in various speeches and supports it. But when his leg. affiars staff sat down with our coalition, the message we got was something like this....

"You know, if you guys (coalition lobbyists) go out there and round up the votes, the President will make some calls for you."

To which my comment was, "While we appreciate the support the President has given us so far, if I might remind you, if we go out and get enough votes to pass the legislation, we don't need the President's help."

President Bush likes to compare himself to (laugh) Ronald Reagan. But Mr. Reagan spent many a late night on the phone calling and pursuading members of Congress to support his legislative efforts. He understood how to use the Presidency as a bully-pulpit to forward his agenda. For all his talents (or lack there of) Bush is all talk. I mean look at the energy industry that supposedly has undue influence in this administration...they're still waiting (four years and counting) for their comprehensive engery bill.

Bush unable to control Congress

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