Friday, June 03, 2005


Weekend Reading

Deep Throat, EU Non!, Etc. Edition:

Wow, a rainy day has put me into a Carter-era malaise. So, no real unifying theme for this weekends reading selection. Merely, a potpouri of articles.

Dream machines
CHINA has begun to enter the age of mass car consumption. This is a great and historic advance.” So proclaimed the state-run news agency, Xinhua, last year. Environmentalists may feel a twinge of fear at this burgeoning romance with motoring. But a rapid social and economic transformation is under way in urban China, and the car is steering it.

Ditch euro and bring back lira, says Italian minister
As Europe reels from two 'No' votes against the EU constitution, an Italian minister caused a further stir today by calling for Italians to be polled on ditching the euro and bringing back the lira.,,13509-1639872,00.html

Man sues over exploding toilet in West Virginia
A man who says he was severely burned when a portable toilet exploded after he sat down and lit a cigarette is suing a general contractor and a coal company, accusing them of negligence.

Fossil solidifies T. rex link to birds
Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur that died 68 million years ago has provided some of the strongest evidence yet that birds are the closest-living relatives of dinosaurs, scientists said Thursday.

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