Wednesday, June 01, 2005



Crazy Busy Week

Dude! Congress is out of town, which usually means that my work load slows down a bit and I can engage in a bit of "Google-pear*" during the day. Not this week. The action items keep coming like a bad episode of Dr. Phil. Alas!

*Google-Pear: Refers to the act of googling odd or obscure things merely as a means of 1) coping with a slow work day, or 2) procrastinating on a busy work day. e.g.- Today was a total google-pear day at the office.

Annoyingly enough, due to the web security at work I cannot view most news sites at the moment. I blame it on too many journalists Deep Throat-ing, but it's an annoying blackout.
Perhaps you're a victim of a porn filter at your office! How sad...there's so much useless and fun information on the internet that we shold all be able to access from our offices. I mean, how can I work if I can't get the latest update on the hard hitting reality series "Britney and Kevin: Chaotic!"
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