Thursday, May 26, 2005


Filibuster Fight: Round 1 Victory

It ain't over yet.

Ok, I'm taking a moment to bask in the sweet joy of having 14 Senators from both parties act like adults and save an important senate tradition. Both sides had dirty hands, so to speak, but Senator Frist's insistence on 100% approval of all nominees was beyond the pale..more so because he alligned himself with the Family Research Council in framing the whole debate as filibusters against people of faith.

Senator Frist isn't driving the senate this week...It's being done by the fourteen senators who see our traditions are being more important than the cult of personality surrounding George Bush...Of course the other side is preparing to strike back.

Already, the Family Research Council has announced that they will target Senator Dewine's (R-OH) son, who is running for Congress, for defeat because his father supported a common sense compromise to the senate standoff. That makes sense, strenghten families by holding the alleged sins of the father against the son.

And Frist says, of the failed vote on immediate Bolton approval: "It certainly sounds like a filibuster ... it quacks like a filibuster."

What the heck does a filibuster have to do with a temporary (non)confirmation that didn't get enough votes?

You know he's just using the word "filibuster" to prep the use of it later as a dirty word, gambling on the fact that no one will really get it outside of the people who actually follow politics (and therefore have a clue). The propoganda is beginning to stink.
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