Thursday, May 19, 2005


The New Moral Clarity: Update

Remember the Debates

Remember during the debates when John Kerry indicated that he'd have direct talks with the North Koreans? Remember how Bush pilloried him for it? Here's an update...

U.S. To N. Korea: No Direct Talks

US held direct meeting with N. Korea: White House

Yes, it's all so clear. I need not question our leader, merely accept the every changing reality within in which he operates.

I remember going over this viewpoint in my blog late last year (of course, unlike yours , Elephant, mine is not the kind of publication that would be taken seriously on these matters).

"If you create change, you create a new reality afterwards. Bush pays little attention to reality because his focus is on recreating it. He sees reality as it exists as mostly irrelevant."

In my opinion, Bush doesn't have much need for reality-based thinking, as he has pointed out himself. Changes will end up defining future reality anyways, so better that those changes be directed by him (and this way of thinking seems to be catching on among less-than-moderate Republican Congressmen as well). One problem with such a freeform approach to leadership is that the goal becomes the only thing that really matters. Whatever changes need to be made to the track are made without question, no matter if it disrupts current "reality." In short, the Administration pretty much feels free to change its mind, and not only that, considers it necessary to do so whenever it wills.
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