Friday, May 20, 2005


Know Your Place!

NYT provides helpful calculator to determine your class.

Ok, I must admit I'm a fool for web based survey thingys.... The NYT's has one today about "Class", which is ironic becuase the criteria have more to do with economic well being and education levels...but's the Times. Check it out. results are:

Occupation:84th percentile
Education: 99th percentile
Income: 93rd percentile
Wealth: 85th percentile
Average: 90th percentile

The shocking thing is that I lost my keys this morning and have about $20 bucks in my checking account right now....but the Times thinks I'm classy...Paris Hilton Classy I guess. What's your score?

Showoff.'s mine, which pale in comparison, I suppose.

Occupation:83rd percentile
Education: 69th percentile
Income: 38th percentile
Wealth: 25th percentile
Average: 54th percentile

I suppose I can take heart in three things:

1. I am above the median (I think).
2. My sense of drive is somewhere in the 90th percentile.
3. Compared to where I was at 10 years ago:

Occupation: 15th percentile
Education: 48th percentile
Income: 3rd percentile (not kidding)
Wealth: 25th percentile
Average: 23rd percentile
Funny thing is, is that I don't feel like I live in the 90th percentile on this silly test. I have bills, bills, bills and when those are paid, student loans. Kind of shocking that some kid from a small midwestern town could get to this point.. I'm very thankful...but I don't feel particularly execptional or 'rich' ....
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