Friday, May 27, 2005


GOP Getting Wimpy?


Geesh. Used to be that you'd criticize us Republicans and we'd simply sit by with smug righteousness knowing we were on the side of to speak. Now it seems that just about every cultural phenomena is somehow some secret conspiracy out to get us, or more accurately, our infallible leader, George W. Bush.

Take the latest Star Wars Movie as an example. Everyone is up in arms about some comments make by Anakin Skywalker as he morphs into Darth Vader. "You're either with me, or your are my enemy." he supposedly states. Apparently this is hitting too close to home for some partisans who decry it as an unfair attack on our Dear Leader. But is it unfair? Is it really about Bush?

If President Bush's post 9/11 "with us or against us" comments were applied only to the terrorists, then yes, the criticism would be unfounded. But Bush has governed as a with me or against me politician on just about every issue. This blog has talked at length about how the AARP, which supported Bush's Medicare Drug Program, became enemy number 1 when they opposed his social security plan. (Remember the ads that implied the AARP was for gay marriage and against U.S. soldiers?). And lets not forget the battle over judges....the compromise offered by the Majority Leader and the current position of the White House is that ALL nominees should be brought to the floor. In short, this administration has governed to the narrowest of majorities...pushing policies for the 51% (at most) of the electorate that got him in office.

It just seems that all of the sudden, the GOP has become a bunch of defensive wimps....

Darth Bush? Echoes of post-9/11 America in a galaxy far, far away,1,1230455.story?coll=bal-oped-headlines

Often unmentioned is that Lucas wrote the Star Wars thing well before Bush became President. Granted, that doesn't mean he didn't change some things to make a political statement. But, hey, life imitates art...and if the parallels are there then they are there. It's not like people didn't know the Star Wars storyline - including the nature of the Imperial bad guys - before they knew G.W. Bush.

I'm not a big fan or detractor of the movies either way. It's entertainment. But it's just silly to suddenly go "hey, that's a political stab at the Bush Administration and GOP-dominated Congress!" Hey, remember that long and funky prelude at the beginning of the original Star Wars that basically mapped it all out? Unless we're advancing the idea that Lucas is suddenly one hell of a political precognitive, it makes no sense to pretend this storyline played Gotcha! and suddenly twisted to fit the Bush Administration.

I don't think people should point at Lucas because the hardliners are turning out to look like a twisted, dark side Cinderella. If the helmet fits, you know...
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