Wednesday, June 29, 2005


New Freedom Tower Design Released

Ugly, Uglier, Ugliest...

Well, the most recent iteration of the Freedom Tower was released today and it seems that the committee of architects involved in this project are determined to make it as ugly as the original World Trade Center buildings. I wasn't a big fan of the original Freedom Tower design, but it was light years ahead of this "new" vision. Has architect David Childs seen any of the innovative buildings going up in other parts of the world? Is he still living in 1975, where unadorned boxy buildings were all the rage? It kind of reminds me of Mike Brady in the Brady Bunch (Spoof) Movies. Poor Mike's only design, whatever the project, was merely the exact replica of his house.

If this is the best we can do for this important sight, let's just leave it a memorial park.

Some of the more innovative buildings going up around the world:

Jin Mao Tower

The Burj Dubai

The Swiss Re Tower

Shanghai Financial Center

Taipei 101

The Brady House:

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