Tuesday, June 28, 2005


SCOTUS: Ten Commandments Commentary

Christians Should Welcome Court Rulings on Commandments

A person of faith approaches the yesterday's ten commandments decision with intelligence and reflection.

For we Christians to insist that tax dollars be used in what often is an act of proselytization not only violates constitutional principles, but Biblical ones as well. It smacks of coercion, of using one's status in a community to force our views on others. Scour the Bible from cover to cover and you won't find God ever sanctioning the coercive imposition of our faith on others. In fact, we're called upon to share our faith with compassion, with humility, and with respect for those with whom we differ.

Unfortunately, later today, he will be declared a witch and burned by Focus on the Family.


I'm happy to say that publicly, at least, I haven't yet been declared a witch. While some Christian commenters have taken exception to my perspective, others have agreed with me.

Thank you for linking to my site!

The pleasure was all mine, your posting was uplifting in a time where people are using faith as a divisive political tool. I agree with you 100%.

I thought your article focused the debate nicely and put the role of personal faith in the proper perspective. Thanks for writing such an eloquent piece.
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