Friday, June 24, 2005


Weekend Reading:

If you're not with me edition:

Another week, another long list of things to be done here in Washington. All the bloviating this week seems to have affected the weather, which is supposed to turn hot and muggy after 10 days of blissful 70 degree sunshine.

George Bush's long hot summer
GEORGE BUSH likes his summers hot. While the Clintons used to disappear to the cool breezes of Martha's Vineyard, he heads down to the furnace of Crawford, Texas, and spends an inordinate amount of time clearing brush on his ranch. This summer is likely to be sweatier than most.

Liberals and the War on Terror? (We're forgetting something called Department of Homeland Security)
Former Democratic Congressman Martin Frost reminds us of some myths about the war on terror. Like the pesky fact that the Republicans opposed the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence reform and other developments. Surprsingly, this is from Foxnews.,2933,160556,00.html

I don't feel sorry for the UAW
Check out this story from this weeks USAToday on the gold plated health insurance enjoyed by unionized workers at GM. Do they contribute to their insurance costs? Nope!, Their perscription co-pay? $5, Yearly deductible? $250. All would be fine and good if they were building cars people wanted to buy. But I have a hard time feeling bad for them as GM (like all of our employers) tries to make them carry some of the burden of health insurance.

Hell hath frozen over:

A fast-selling, unflattering biography of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is drawing fire from some prominent conservative commentators, including Peggy Noonan and Bill O'Reilly, surprising both the author and the head of the conservative book imprint that published it.

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