Wednesday, June 22, 2005


What's Up with Summer TV?

Extremely Bad...

Dude, what the heck is up with tv this summer? Last night was truly depressing...I mean, "Who wants to be a Hilton?"...not me! Ever since Paris and now "Mom" Hilton became D-listers, I cringe every time I have to stay at a hotel with their name on it. (I don't think the family still owns the chain...but I'm not sure). Anyway, I now make it a point to stay anywhere but a Hilton...on the off change that even a penny of my money goes to these people. But I digress!

Not that summer is a great time to find any new shows, but there is seriously nothing on. I watch, maybe the first ten/fifteen minutes of the daily show and call it a night. HBO seems to be my only saving grace at this point. I'm giving Lisa Kudrow's "The Comeback" a change...(although her character..Valerie Cherish is sad and annoying) and I'm actually liking Entourage..especially the Aqua-Man story line. Six-Feet Under has definitely jumped the shark, but I'm still watching that too.

Worse case scenario is switching to 3 hours a day of Law and Order SVU on USA...

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