Tuesday, June 21, 2005



DC Police Chief's Car Stolen

Oh, the irony! About 7 years ago my car was stolen. I filed a police report and waited until my insurance company declared it a loss (about 30 days). Expect, they found my car about three weeks later. The police didn't find it, the traffic enforcement people did. It was taken for a joy ride and parked illegally somewhere in the city. To recover my car I had to go to court to get all the tickets it received while stolen expunged. To do that I needed a copy of the police report I filed. The police department couldn't find it. A few more days pass and the police decide to write me a waver anyway. I spend a day in court and get my car back.

A year later, the police call to tell me that there are no leads on my car.

Good Luck chief Ramsey!


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