Friday, June 17, 2005


Maybe I'm Behind the Times...

Since when is Atari not cool?

Last weekend, while at Target to get some supplies, I noticed they had these little Atari consoles on sale for $19.99. Cool, I thought. A little retro video chic for my media room. I was not disappointed. Twenty games like Centipede, Sky Diver, Yar's Revenge and some others (they are all basically the same, you move a digital square up, down or sideways trying to avoid some other digital square.). I remember my brothers and I playing these games for hours and hours back in the 80s. Last time I was back at my brothers house, we dusted off the old Atari 2600 to show my nephew (10). He was unimpressed.

"What's that" he said.

"That is supposed to be a Knight." I replied.

"But it's a yellow square."

"No, it's a knight, this game is called 'Adventure'....see there is a dragon."

"It looks like a duck. Can we hook the X-box back up please"

For the first time in my 35 years of existence, I felt like an adult. Nephew hooked up the X-box, booted up some star wars game (that looked better than the original movies did), put on his X-box live headset and started battling other kids from around the world. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to remember how to solve the mystery in Adventure.

The Fall of Atari

Atari Adventure

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