Thursday, July 21, 2005


The Amazing Race 8 Rumors

Family Edition? Sounds Sucky

Readers know that Elephant loves the Amazing Race. Mainly because it gives you some mini insights into various 'exotic' locales around the globe accompanied by the tension of a race and the insane rantings of sleep deprived contestants.

It seems that the next edition of this show will be a 'family' edition - teams of four instead of two, which contestants as young as 8. Midgie hit the nail on the head when she said, "Family edition? Family edition?!, why must everything have a family edition....this will suck." Looks like she's gonna be right.

Googling during lunch yesterday I found some spoilers that discuss the race, which is currently being filmed. You'd think it would be exciting to try to watch a family race through India, while bands of roving minstrels try to snatch their kids to sell into slavery. But no. To keep it safe it looks as if (Text in white, highlight to read)

It looks as if the show is sticking close to home. Some reports have the teams headed to such exotic places as Huntsville, AL and or Talladega. Gee, how exotic and interesting. Per the Wednesday, July 13 Huntsville Times, TAR 8 arrived in Huntsville Monday night between midnight and 4AM, arriving from SC in two buses. Challenges were held at the Space and Rocket Center, and the pitstop was next door at the Marriott. They departed Tuesday afternoon, headed for Talladega, AL. Full story here:Huntsville Times...It's also being reported that they are headed to (Gag) Disney World.

Prediction: Ratings for TAR will plunge. Perhaps they should have shot two shows...An Amazing Race, and an Amazing Race Family. Expand, rather than dilute the franchise.

Well, they could still have some surprises in store even if they keep it close to home and want to Disney-fy it. Maybe have a well-rounded nuclear family from some pale Kentucky suburb racing through South Central L.A. on their way to to Anaheim.
I'd still like to see them take the family to Calcutta or someplace and have them loose a kid in the crowd...the kid is abducted and sold into the family gets to see the reality of how many people live in the world. But mostly, I think the abduction or sale of a kid in some far off land (as a roadblock perhaps) would be entertaining....cruel, but then I've never pretended to be compassionate.
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